Monday, September 19, 2016

Day Four, Newport, RI- Lay Day

Lay, Lady, Lay,
Little to report today.
Awoke to foghorns and periodic downpours so we hunkered down in the master stateroom until late morning and watched a movie. Despite the weather, many yachts and other show vessels paraded out of the harbor all day.

We ventured out for breakfast/brunch and took a walking tour of Newport, including Ida Lewis YC, NYYC and Bellevue Avenue. Found parts to repair a burned out anchor light and took it easy.

Dinner at the Revolving Door with old friends. Wind has died so it should be fair sailing tomorrow.
Plan an easy day for tomorrow with a destination of Watch Hill or Stonington, CT.

Red sky at night........

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  1. Beautiful pictures. Hope your journey to Stonington is calm and swift.
    Try Noah's for dinner. David's niece Kate works there. She's a delightful young woman.