Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Day 29 - Vero Beach to Stuart, FL

Vero Beach City Harbor, our home for the night.

Opened our day with a mile or two hike to the Lemon Tree for a "healthy" breakfast and then hiked back. Some more welcome exercise, similar to what we had the night before.

Vero berth

We shoved off around 0900 as our day's float plan was short.  A beautiful day, again but in this area, the wind had been whipping up on the Atlantic out of the east for the past several days.  There was also warnings against certain areas of shoaling between specific markers that the First Mate reminded the Captain of, from time to time.
The Lady A's helm station
Staying in the channel
Consequently, we had to deal with some of that on the day’s voyage. There were large bays to our east during this relatively straight southerly run but the fetch created some choppy seas from the east that forced us to take on a decent sea spray for a long spell over our port side. Fortunately that’s the side that’s housed in!

Wipers workin'
Here we are, now, in Stuart, heralded for being one of the most livable and desirable seaside communities in America.  Really enjoyable.  
Followed a sailboat through, the draw bridge,
otherwise may have had to lower antennae
At the Sunset Marina, a City facility, for the night which has really nice docks, meeting grounds, amenities like grills. outdoor patios and an adjacent restaurant with live music and outdoor dining. Roughing it, not. We took the complimentary bikes around town and came back to the marina restaurant for dinner.

Tomorrow we enter the Okeechobee waterway and spend the night in Central Florida, making our way to the west coast by Thursday. (?)

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  1. "that the First Mate reminded the Captain of, from time to time." LOL