Friday, October 14, 2016

Day 11 - Bohemia River to St. Michael's


Another beautiful day on our trip, awakening at the Bohemia Bay Yacht Harbour, right where the Bohemia River feeds in to the Elk River, an estuary at the head of the Chesapeake Bay.

We had fair seas and skies all day and luckily were running with the wind and current most of the day.  The intended destination was St. Michael's, a remarkable town of nautical interest on the eastern shore of Maryland, which we plotted to be about an eight hour voyage.

Infrastructure barging north

After exploring the charts a bit more, we discovered an "inside route" that went through the Kent Narrows.  It required passing through a no wake zone for a bit but shortened the trip by about two hours.  This was a pleasant surprise as we'd been running long and hard for the past few days.

The inside route, 10-15 miles shorter?

Benefits of the auto pilot - from the foredeck

Almost everywhere we end up, people stop by and want to know about the Lady A and her story.  (Amanda is tired of it but John is happy to tell the tale.) In St. Michael's, a gentleman walked up and said, "Are you from Chebeague?" to which Amanda said, "Yes".  He said, "Are you Mrs. Layng?" Oh boy! Turns out, Will Langan (sp?) introduces himself- a Cliff Island guy who had worked at the Chebeague Island Boat Yard from 2008 to 2012!  Knew all about our boat. Small world!  The next guy that pulled in to St. Michael's was Alden Colby, a captain from downeast who's been to Chebeague, he and I had met briefly and, again, he recognized the Lady A. Double small world in the same marina, the same night!
Prime Location-on the inside
British flags are flown prominently here because of the way the citizen's faked out the British so well during the War of Independence (I think we called it the "Revolutionary War" growing up.?).

Exploring town

Christ (Episcopal) Church

St. Michael's is an historic town, with a great feel, worth seeing and exploring.  We wish we could stay longer but.....God willing, we'll be back.
This evening, we met up again with our new friends for dinner (Limoncello), loads of fun, and they will now run point on our journey south, due to their much swifter vessel. Thanks, John!

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  1. Looking great. I assume Amanda is feeling better. What a great adventure. We are in CA, arrived yesterday. Our lovely innkeeper in Napa recognized Chebeague on David's hat. She and her husband were on the Island for a wedding in August. So, yes small world. Looking forward to your next post.