Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Day Nine - Barnegat Light to Cape May, NJ

We spent last night next to the Coast Guard Station in Barnegat Light.  Very cool because cadets were being trained for evening maneuvers.  However, very bad for sleeping! Between the night rescue maneuvers, the working fishermen up before dawn starting engines and Amanda not feeling well, not much sleep was had. A has a bad cold with cough. Bummer!

Took an early morning walk to the Inlet Deli to get coffee and a paper, breakfast aboard and then shoved off at 0835.

Quiet Atlantic off Atlantic City
The run from Barnegat to Cape May was another all outside day, and thankfully, uneventful and somewhat boring..... but all you can ask for due to light winds and calm seas.  The Jersey Shore has beaches that go on and on and on.

For those of you who care, we covered 69 nautical miles today in 5.9 hours, averaging about 11 knots (burning 7.3 gal/hr), a comfortable day.

South Jersey Marina is a very nice facility. Fantastic showers and chandlery   Friendly folks.  Drove us downtown Cape May and we hiked back.

Cape May is known, historically as the Jersey Shore's first summer seaside resort town in the early 1800's.  We checked out the outdoor mall, the restored (and unrestored) famous Victorian houses, hotels, and boarding houses.
Colonial Hotel, water views from the back (front?) side

Amanda ate take-out for dinner so she could lay low while John dined at Lucky Bones with new friends who are doing the same trip (but to the east coast of FL). Comparing notes!

We have decided to take the northern route up Delaware Bay, across the canal and then down the Chesapeake, then on to Portsmouth. We're here.....
(photos and edits to come)


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  1. I'm so happy to hear you are taking the Chesapeake route. It should be pretty. Hope Amanda is feeling better today.