Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Day 15 - Coinjock to Belhaven NC

Day 15. Coinjock to Belhaven, NC

Sunrise 0713

We awoke at 0630 and left before sun up.  One or two vessels left with us or before. Breakfast underway.  Today we had to decide whether or not to go east and venture out for a really long day through Pamlico Sound to a town called Oriental, or go more inland through a canal system to Belhaven. 

Southbound at dawn

Temperatures are ideal now and have been pretty much the whole trip. Thirty-seven degrees fahrenheit the morning of the day we left Rowayton and then a couple of cool mornings in NJ but since then the temperature has been ideal.

Once we got out of the "Coinjock" canal into Abelmarle Sound the wind picked up, making the seas run choppy because of the shallow depth. The decision was made for us. The inside route was delightful,  even if more boring! Another swampy run through the pine trees. 

At the southern part of Abelmarle Bay, we had to wait a few minutes for the Alligator River swing bridge to open (on demand).  Some are on the hour or half, others on demand.  Some are left open unless they need them (train bridges, primarily).

Alligator River Swing Bridge
17' clearance
But before entering the canal, we had an unbelievable experience while traversing up (but on a southerly route?) the Alligator River.  We're not sure, but it was either the Blue Angels or the Thunderbirds performing, (or eat least practicing) over this body of water.

Over our bow
Absolutely fantastic. It was so thrilling to actually feel these magnificent jets speeding right across our bow and overhead.  So exciting!!  Amanda was able to capture this shot literally right overhead!


The River Forest Manor and Marina is quite the place. Conveniently located at the mouth of the Pungo River.  Not the flattest lie we've had for the evening, but a nice enough place to lure you in.  They have loaner golf carts to go for provisions, nice showers and free laundry!  First spot for that, I think.
The Manor Hous

We will leave early again to morrow and try to make Beaufort, NC.

Sunset 1831
Who's pic is better, JL's above or this one, Amanda's?


  1. Both (and all) photos are beautiful.

  2. Have to give that one to Amanda. Peter & Alice