Sunday, October 23, 2016

Day 19 - October 22, 2016 - Georgetown to Charleston, SC

0900 shoved off from Georgetown and decided to go north around the harbor island to check out the paper and steel mills. 

International Paper - at one time the largest paper mil in the world
Industrious Georgetown

We were supposedly in a dredged channel.  Well, as we were navigating around some hurricane debris, the depth finder indicated that we were rapidly losing water under the Lady A. The ability to turn diminished quickly and the depth finder indicated zero  We were running aground but were able to reverse rapidly and pull ourselves off of the muddy bottom. Needless to say, we reversed our direction and went back the way we came-an exciting beginning of the day!

Fortunately the rest of the day was uneventful, six hours of navigating down the Intracoastal Waterway, 60 nautical miles.  We first went down the Waccawaw River with the current a few miles, and then into the ditch pretty much for the rest of the day.  Went past Cat Island, Crow, Cedar, Murphy, then just before Charleston Harbor we passed by Pine Island and Isle of Palms.  Quite nice homes all along this part of the waterway.
Isle of Palms

We landed in Charleston Harbor with tons going on this Saturday afternoon:  so much water activity with ferries, tour boats, large sailing yachts and a large small sailboat regatta.  Pretty good wind, too, out of the Northwest.

Charleston Yacht Club race
Arthur Ravenele Jr Bridge

We fueled up at the Charleston City Marina and were given directions to our slip, necessary since this is the largest marina, the most dock frontage, perhaps on the entire eastern seaboard.  It’s so large that the staff gets around in golf carts and many boaters keep bicycles at their slip to ride up the various fingers!

John's next yacht

We have decided to take a lay day here on Sunday to relax and explore the city.  A much needed, and deserved, resting day.


  1. You must have missed my Chebeague Island home port on her stern.😎

  2. Sounds like all is well. A wonderful adventure. Alice