Saturday, October 15, 2016

Day 12 - St. Michael's to Stingray Point

St. Michael's Marina
We awoke to an amazing (and somewhat cool) morning but the day promised to warm up.  It was flat calm and clear as a bell so we pulled out at 0735 and ate breakfast under way.  Spectacular day on the belly of the Chesapeake.
Sunrise on the Chesapeake-pulling out of St. Michael's
We had no specific destination picked out for today.  People had mentioned Solomons or York but we had to do what the Lady A could do, within reason.  Given the fabulous conditions, we traveled our second longest run today, 95.5 nautical miles.   There is so much we didn't see, taking the rhumb line. The Chesapeake is vast.

Smith Point Lighthouse marking the entrance to the Potomac
One could spend a lifetime exploring the Chesapeake or any of these bays,  shorelines and inlets on the Atlantic coastline and never scratch the surface.  (For that reason, at least John may need to do this again, in years to come.)

We ended up targeting a marina somewhere on Stingray Point on the eastern shore, Virginia, simply because that area was more than halfway to tomorrow's destination.  I love random stops.  That's what makes a trip like this.

A little exercise,
stretching and balancing, underway.
So we were able to take advantage of today's great weather and have an easier run tomorrow, in order to arrive in Portsmouth, VA with some decent time ashore.  Portsmouth is Mile Zero of the ICW.

As mentioned, we motored 95.5 nm for 8 hours, 45 minutes today.  This all may sound so glamorous but much of it is pretty boring. We may start playing gin rummy or Jotto soon. (Perhaps we all need to do more stuff like that!?)

Nap Time
Today, we ended up in Dozier's Marina, which is fantastic.  Friendly, conveniently located from the Bay, clean facilities and they host the Virginia Yacht Club.  It's on Stingray Point near the town of Deltaville.
They're having their 3 day, end-of-year party/annual meeting, during which lots of boisterous proposals were being "Aye, Ayed!", well into the evening.  We grilled our ribs at their fine facility while trying not to listen to the proceedings.
Annual Closing Ceremonies of the Virginian Yacht Club
On to Portsmouth, Mile Zero, tomorrow.

At rest alongside

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