Monday, October 17, 2016

Day 14 - Portsmouth, VA to Coinjock, NC

Last evening in Portsmouth included a fabulous dinner at a place called Still, which you might deduce has the name due to having been a still during prohibition. We ate at the bar, tapas for the most part, and great duck tacos. 

Some Portsmouth History
The Coffee Shop on the corner of High and Middle Streets is a "go to" spot.

Breakfast in Portsmouth

Shoved off at 0930 and made it down the Elizabeth River. Naval ship after naval ship.  Many in dry dock.

Very interesting day with several bridges and a lock system to drop us 18 inches on our way down. The only problem was that a flotilla of 25 sailboats, had arrived just before we did so two lock transport openings later, we went thorough.  Even Amanda couldn't get us moved along faster.....   

But those interludes allow you to meet other boaters. We've found it shocking how many people ask us about our boat, or even more, people notice "Chebeague Island" on our hail port and either know about the Island or have been there!  To that point, it turns out that in the very lock along with us, the boat just ahead of us had been to Chebeague.  And the boat behind us knew the Whitman family; the captain had worked with Bob at MIT!

Going down the dismal swamp, we encountered, some fun seekers riding wave runners.  They couldn't wait for us to get out of the No Wake Zone, so they could ride our waves. These guys were going 70 miles an hour up and down the canal but timing our wake, just right.

And higher
Wake riding high,

Our destination after running through the Dismal Swamp today was a place called Coinjock, a "must do" on the ICW, mostly because it's pretty much the only place to stop between Portsmouth and where the ICW offers other tributaries.
Cool little restaurant and we're waiting to go to dinner in order to see if we can view this rocket launch- the satellite supply ship. 

I believe we are the smallest vessel in the marina. Something tells me if Amanda does ithis trip again, it might not be on the Lady A, despite how comfortable and efficient this has been, so far......

Off to Belle Haven tomorrow, as now planned.
(Will try to add more pics tomorrow.)

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