Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Day Eight -Rowayton, CT to Barnegat Light, NJ

Due to gale warnings and hurricane paths being determined, we opted to wait in Connecticut for a while and are thankful we could be berthed these last 16 days, in Rowayton, CT.

Hurricanes Matthew and Nicole have ceased dancing in the Atlantic, for now. (Nicole is still there...)  

So, on an ideal day we left at 0730,  very little wind and  calm seas all the way to the Narrows. 

Execution Rock
Approaching Hell Gate

We caught the tide and current just right as Long Island sound  narrows and swiftly went through Hell Gate and down the East River with abandon. 

Swift and swirling East River

MANHATTAN looked spectacular!  

Security seemed high still as there were no fewer than 8-10 government vessels wanting to know your purpose. 

Bridges galore.

Throgs Neck


Train bridge with Triboro (RFK) behind
The Battery
Lady Liberty


Not a cloud until the afternoon. 

A little choppy on outer NY Harbor and we got sprayed on 
a bit getting out beyond Sandy Hook but , overall it was relatively clear sailing all the way (4 + hrs) to Barnegat Light. With an east-north-easterly sea, we motored 1-3 miles off shore in 25-35 feet of water.

Our longest run yet today, 97NM in 8:28.

We are nestled in a commercial fishing marina on a barrier reef. Very appropriate.  Not much bait smell. There's a fabulous island flavor here and a restaurant to go with it.  A must do when alongside at Barnegat Light Marina: go to the down home, Kubel's Bar (est. 1927) for a meal. Fabulous (and renowned) garlic clams!

Pre-sundown at Barnegat Light Marina
(Should be painted!)
Probably destined for Cape May tomorrow and then decide whether or not to go outside, right to Norfolk, or to go north, up Delaware Bay and take the canal over to the Chesapeake and down.  Decisions, decisions.


  1. I can guess what Amanda's decision will be!! Have to admit I'm a bit jealous and living vicariously through you -- wonderful blog!! What a thrill to "sail" through NY harbor, East River, etc. And Lady A looks so cozy nestled in her berth at Barnegat Light. Godspeed......XX Sal

  2. Your blog is great! Keep the posts coming!! L: