Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Day 16 - Belhaven to Beaufort, North Carolina

Partly cloudy skies at dawn but overall clear and calm day. 
Belhaven sunrise
Grill still out!

Visibility today, forever. This day's route was quite interesting with a series of bays, rivers and canals. 

Pretty much due south
60.1nm, 6h11m

0745 shoved off down the Pungo River, across the Pamlico River into Goose Creek. That route eliminates the need to go all the way around Brandt Island Shoal or navigate it's slue. 

Exiting the canal takes you down to Bay River which feeds into the Neuse. 

This is where Henry, the dock master in Belhaven suggested we'd be heading straight into a southwest wind and chop. He was right , we were sailing directly into it but perhaps because we got to that spot early enough in the morning, we were able to avoid the seas building. By the time we entered Adam's creek, it was as a mill pond. 

Very little traffic on the canal as well (early bird...), so we made it through quickly and got to Beaufort by 2 pm. Time to relax and explore the town.

Believe it or not, a Kiwi came up to our boat and said, "Is your boat a Peter Kass?"  I said "Yes, built to Peter's design by Mike Robinson on Chebeague!" He had just met a gentleman in Newport who referenced an article about Peter written in a magazine and this guy looked up the design and recognized it!

Anyway, we had a delightful day enjoying some Southern hospitality ands a a great meal including shrimp and cheese grits!

Weather permitting, we're planning to go outside tomorrow and make it to Southport, with a bail out of Wrightsville.  This avoids some windy and unsettled part of the ICW.  Both are good options depending on time underway and the Lady's temperament....

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