Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Day 23 - Beaufort SC to Savannah (Thunderbolt) GA

Border crossing day.

Breakfast joint, Blackstone has prep school banners, including Blair...
...and Foxcroft!

Leaving the Beaufort City Front
October 26
Shoved off at 0930 
We have a short (and windy) float plan of about 50 nm for today to go visit some friends from Chebeague and have dinner at their home (for a nice change) near Savannah.

We first ran down the Beaufort River. Running with the current, we made over 10 knots at only 1700 rpm for several miles, a fuel-saving run. 

Went across Port Royal sound and across the Chechesee River, we made our way in to Skull Creek, just on the north and west side of Hilton Head. Skull Creek empties into the Calibogue, across the front of the May River, where we traveled down into the Calibogue Sound and over into the Cooper River. 

Then through Falls Cut into the Wright River, going north and finally through Fields Cut leading into the Savannah River. Then across the Elba Island Cut into the Wilmington River. Thank the Lord for the Army Corps of Engineers!

Our home for the night is Thunderbolt Marine which is a serious boat yard with a marina. We had a fun, relaxing evening at a lovely home ashore on Skitaway Island.

We have an early departure planned as we'd like to make it to Jekyl Island tomorrow on the inside route.  We'll shove off just after the krispy kreme donuts are delivered!

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