Sunday, October 30, 2016

Day 27 - Palm Coast to Titusville, FL

October 30.

Shoved off early as this marina did not offer much in the way of sustenance. Just a cup of  hot coffee.  We decided to sleep in since our float plan was relatively short.  The only thing was, we didn’t account for "'slow", "no wake" and "idle speed only" zones for several sections of the run.  

Hound dog, sit down, stand up paddleboard
Had to request a bridge opening, now and again.
Yes sir! Please open the Bulow bascule bridge!
Ponce de Leon Inlet Light

Tons of boating activity through the South Daytona area, around the Ponce de Leon inlet area and just south in New Smyrna.
Dolphins abound: We took so many bad shots, this one's "okay".

The challenge was to scout ahead, look at signs with binoculars and pay attention to any and all signs.  Needless to say, it’s possible to miss one, now and again.  Anyway, we had an unscheduled delay while a coastal law enforcement officer checked out the Lady A and her credentials.  Some areas are "slow manatee" areas and then there's the newly damaged coastline. The hurricane damage has made all waterfront property owners and their agents, understandably, hyper-sensitive. We felt it was all but certain that a summons was going to be issued. But fortunately the officer came back with only a warning, verbally recognizing the " pedigree," of the boat.  Thus, we got a warning and were essentially granted a pardon. Pure speculation but he told us the property owners want tickets issued.

Then we had a long stretch through Mosquito Lagoon into the Cape Canaveral area, pulling in to Titusville for the evening. 

NASA bascule bridge on way into Titusville

One of our least productive days, from a time spent per nautical mile, 69 nautical miles in 7h 50m.

A must-do burger joint for tonight, Quam’s.  Worth two Absorbaid and one Pepcid AC.

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  1. Awesome! Looks like weather has really been a boon